Kidsy Bag™ was founded in October 2018 by a licensed Registered with the purpose of providing quality storage products to improve the organization of our customers. We now supply over 40 countries. We strive to provide those products that will help you to clean faster, look better, release stress, avoid things from getting lost, and give kids an area to play. 

We're 100 percent committed to helping customers find quality products at an affordable rate. Our customer care team is here to help, whether it is to place an order or answer any questions. In addition, to help customers find what they need.


Don't already have toy problems? Let's keep it that way! Kidsy Bag™ makes cleaning up easier and faster then ever before. It's not just organizational product, it looks great too. Kidsy Bag™ is that product. 

KidsyBag.com has been a preferred online supplier of organization products to consumers, parents, and grandparents for over a year.

The company has served over 1.5 million customers. Our mission is to provide consumers with quality products, absolute customer satisfaction, low prices, and personal attention to each order to gain the trust of our customers.

Mission Statement


Our goal is to add organization and style to people life. We add value by providing product buying resources and direct shipments direct to your door. 


Our vision is to be the leading leader in the distribution of toy organizers in the world and meet our customers’ needs throughout all stages of their life.


- Always improve

- Make a positive difference

- Openness and transparency

- Hire and help our employees to be the best

- Care about the vitality and success of every person